Combo Breaker 2023

Last May, Qanba was present at the must-attend fighting game event, Combo Breaker! And who better to represent the brand than the esports champion, Arslan Ash? With his Qanba arcade stick, he not only participated in the convention, but also showcased the importance of choosing the right equipment to excel in esports. With its ergonomic design and unbeatable precision, the Qanba joystick played a crucial role in Arslan Ash's performances throughout the tournament, which he won hands down!

  • Oil-King-e-athlete-qanba

    Oil King, Street Fighter V champion, EVO Japan 2023

  • xiao-hai-with-qanba

    Xiao Hai, Chinese professional e-sports player accompanied by Qanba

  • yuyu-with-qanba-joystick

    Yuyu, professional Tekken player

Qanba has earned the trust of some of the biggest professional fighting game players of the last decade. Qanba joysticks accompany several big names in the world of e-sports during their championships.

Grand champion of the 2023 edition of EVO Japan, the Taiwanese e-sportsman Oil King is ranked first in Street Fighter V! Along with Qanba, Oil King is also a well-known champion in other fighting games, such as Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Xiao Hai, a Chinese professional gamer, has also trusted Qanba on several occasions. He has won international fighting game competitions (King of Fighter XV, EVO Japan 2023) and even created his own fighting game team: the Qanba Douyu Fighting Club!

Yuyu is a professional Tekken player from Japan. Accompanied by Qanba arcade sticks, she has proven herself by winning several e-sports tournaments.

After winning the EVO Japan 2019 for the game Tekken 7, Arslan Ash renews his title at the 2023 edition! We see this Pakistani professional player, used to tournament victories, accompanied by Qanba arcade sticks during his international competitions.